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The grandpa who saved a village

03/12 15:30

In Taiwan, dozens of villages have been turned into so-called art or painted villages in recent years. It all started when a grandpa painted a former military dependents'village in Taichung City. The local government had wanted to demolish it to make way for new construction, but Huang Yung-fu, then 89 years old, began painting some of the buildings. People fell in love with his paintings and convinced the government to save11 of the houses. He's now 97 years old and he's still painting. His so-called “Rainbow Village” is located just 10 minutes by taxi from Taichung HSR Station. Its address is Taichung City, Nantun District, Chun An Road Lane 56 (臺中市南屯區春安路56巷). It's open to visitors every day from sunrise to sundown. Mr. Huang's paintings cover not only walls, but the ground. It’s like entering into another world. Take a peek in this video. (This is part of a series on Taiwan's art villages.)

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