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New Trojan-based malware threatens Android phone users

2017/06/18 22:22:10

Picture downloaded from Pixabay

Taipei, June 18 (CNA) A new Trojan-based malware Xavier has recently been discovered in more than 800 applications and downloaded from Google Play by millions of Android users, according to online security software developer Trend Micro Inc.

Xavier is a mobile malware that steals and leaks personal data, and has the capability to download and execute other malicious codes, the company noted in a recent news blog.

Another dangerous aspect of Xavier is that it can encrypt and transmit information about a victim's device to a remote server, where hackers can retain the information for suspicious purposes.

According to Trend Micro, so far the greatest number of download attempts has come from countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The easiest way to avoid a malware like Xavier is to not download and install applications from an unknown source, even if they are from legitimate app stores like Google Play, the company said.

Moreover, users are advised to update the software on their mobile devices regularly to minimize risks, it said.

(By Han Ting-ting and Ko Lin)