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Protected birds die possibly from pesticide tainted seeds

2017/12/17 22:32:33


Taipei, Dec. 17 (CNA) Many wild birds, including 16 pheasant-tailed jacanas, a protected species, have been found dead on a farmland in Tainan's Guantian District, according to an ecological education and conservation group Sunday.

A volunteer from Guantian's Jacanas Education and Conservation Garden said 16 pheasant-tailed jacanas, 14 moorhens and other birds were found dead Friday possibly after consuming pesticides.

In the past, some farmers have been known to purposely immerse seeds and grains in pesticides to prevent birds from eating their newly sown seeds in the soil.

However, such practices have not been reported in a long time after the conservation group taught farmers how to expel birds in a safer manner.

The deaths of the birds have saddened many people, said the volunteer, who hopes that there will be a more effective way for both agriculture and ecological conservation to coexist.

(By Yang Sz-ruei and William Yen)