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3 Taiwanese arrested in Thailand for telecoms fraud

2017/09/24 15:01:23

Bangkok, Sept. 24 (CNA) Thai police arrested three Taiwanese nationals in Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat Province) Sept. 22 on suspicion of involvement in telecoms fraud.

The three entered Thailand on tourist visas and headed to a shopping mall in the northeastern province, where they withdrew cash from bank ATMs in what Thai police have called a telecoms fraud operation.

Acting on tip-offs from seniors who were reportedly targets of the fraud in Thailand, the police launched an investigation and discovered surveillance footage of the three Taiwanese making withdrawals from ATMs in the province.

Thai police then located the three suspects and seized 500,000 Thai baht (NT$490,000).

During the raid, the police also confiscated 34 ATM cards, 20 bankbooks and 20 mobile phones.

The investigation has since expanded in scope and Thai police are currently asking victims of telecoms fraud to come forward.

Thai police suspect the fraud was conducted by an international criminal ring.

Taiwan's representative office has been in contact with the police and been briefed on the case. It will arrange visitation access for the three Taiwanese nationals.

The three could be sentenced to at least two years in prison in Thailand for international telecoms fraud, after which they will be repatriated to Taiwan, where they face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison for aggraviated fraud.

(By Liu Te-chan and Evelyn Kao)