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Taipei park pictures hit U.K., French media

2012/05/27 21:09:07

Taipei, May 27 (CNA) Photos that portray the beauty and serenity of Dahu Park in Taipei's Neihu District have hit the pages of some major British newspapers, with the Daily Mail reporting that Taiwan's title of "Ilha Formosa" -- beautiful island -- is well-deserved.

The online version of the Daily Mail noted that there are over 200 mountains rising to over 3,000 meters above sea level in Taiwan and said the distinct geology and topography form spectacular and stunning landscapes and coastal scenes around the island.

The report describes the pictures of the park's Moon Bridge as "remarkable, soft blue, monochrome."

The photos, taken by a photographer who goes by the moniker of bbe022001 on the popular Flickr photo-sharing website, were also published by French newspaper Le Monde earlier in the month.

Some Internet users, however, have criticized the pictures, describing them as having been over-processed by image editing software, while others have said that only the color tones have been adjusted. The perfect reflections of the bridge are attributed to mist floating above the mirror-calm water and the windless weather, giving the work a tranquil, dreamlike quality.

(By Nell Shen)