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Honduran vice president calls for more Taiwan-Honduras exchanges

2017/10/13 14:25:11

Ava Rossana Guevara Pinto (fifth right); Liu Ka-shiang (劉克襄, sixth left); and Chang Jui-chang (張瑞昌, third right)

Taipei, Oct. 13 (CNA) Honduran Vice President Ava Rossana Guevara Pinto expressed hopes Friday that Taiwan and Honduras will increase exchanges in the political, economic, cultural, and media spheres to promote more mutual understanding and advance bilateral ties.

Speaking on a visit to CNA headquarters where she was welcomed by the agency's board chairman Liu Ka-shiang (劉克襄) and Presdent Chang Jui-chang (張瑞昌), Guevara said exchanges are important to promoting mutual understanding between the two nations, which will lead to the further strengthening of bilateral ties.

"If there are no exchanges, the development of bilateral ties will not progress further," she said.

The Honduran journalist-turned-politician also mentioned the important role played by the media in the development of societies and nations, and proposed that CNA could arrange exchange programs with Honduran university students majoring in journalism.

Guevara introduced her country as one rich in natural resources and occupying a strategic geographic position with coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Honduran government plans to build an inter-oceanic rail line in the country to facilitate international trade, she said, inviting Taiwan to invest in the project.

Taiwan may not be able to invest in the huge project alone, but it can invite its Asian partners to join in the investment, she suggested.

Referring to her country's current situation, Guevara said social order in Honduras has greatly improved, thanks to efforts made by President Juan Orlando Hernandez's administration, with the number of criminal cases down some 40 percent from the past.

With regard to the upcoming general elections in Honduras to be held in November, in which President Hernandez will seek re-election, Guevara said she does not plan to continue working in the government and may resume her journalism career of more than 30 years.

Guevara, who has worked for Honduran and international media, such as La Tribuna and VICA Noticias Television of Honduras, and NBC, CBS and Univision of the United States, said that regardless of whatever she does in the future, she will continue to help promote the bilateral ties between her country and Taiwan.

She described Taiwan as a strategic partner in the national development of Honduras.

Guevara is in Taiwan for a five-day visit. During her stay, she met President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), Foreign Minister David Lee (李大維) and other senior government officials, in addition to attending Taiwan's Double Ten National Day celebrations in Taipei and visiting economic and cultural organizations.

(By Romulo Huang)