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China advertises weapons with simulated attack on Taiwan

2012/11/19 14:04:08

Taipei, Nov. 19 (CNA) A video played at a show in Zhuhai in southern China to promote China's weapons systems simulated the bombing of military bases in Taiwan, a sign that Taiwan has to take the threat of China's long-range rockets seriously, a local magazine editor said.

The video demonstrated a system that integrated several assault weapons including M20 short-range ballistic missiles, A200 remote-guided rockets, A100 multiple rocket launchers, unmanned aircraft and field air defense missiles.

The system was advertised as being able to make pre-emptive strikes against enemies' radar installations, command centers, airports, harbors, power plants and concentrated armored forces.

Chen Kuo-ming, senior editor of the Taiwan-based magazine Defence International, who attended the Nov. 13-18 Airshow China, said the weapons demonstrated were widely known.

What was different was the Chinese government integrating them into a complete ground strike package that Chen said it hoped to sell to other countries.

In the video, each weapons system had a purpose. The unmanned aircraft were in charge of detection, and then the M20s destroyed oil depots, power plants, and armored forces.

The A100s shelled enemy artillery and air defense sites, and LY-60 air defense missiles intercepted counterattacks mounted by the enemy.

The video also showed F-16 jet fighters at Taiwan's air bases being destroyed after M20 short-range ballistic missiles were fired.

(By Chen Yi-wei and Nell Shen)