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Bloomberg websites blocked in China after report about future leader

2012/07/01 15:11:20

Taipei, July 1 (CNA) China blocked Bloomberg's websites Friday, in a move believed linked with the business information provider's report on Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, the BBC News reported.

Bloomberg told the BBC that its and websites became inaccessible to online users in China, though the Terminal system for corporate clients were unaffected.

The incident, Bloomberg said, is "in reaction, we believe, to a Bloomberg News story that was published on Friday morning."

The Bloomberg story reported on the wealth of the extended family members of Xi, who is set to become the next Chinese president after the leadership change beginning later this year.

Bloomberg reported on several investments valued at hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars by Xi's relatives, including his older sister Qi Qiaoqiao, Qi's husband Deng Jiagui and daughter Zhang Yannan.

The Bloomberg report also noted that there is no indication that Xi helped advance his relatives' business activities or that any wrongdoing was involved.

Online reports and discussions of Chinese leaders have traditionally been sensitive and often censored in China, the BBC said, while several global social networking sites, including Facebook, are banned in the country.

(By Kay Liu)