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Fourth Straits Forum opens in Fujian

2012/06/15 22:56:45

Xiamen, China, June 15 (CNA) The fourth Straits Forum will open in Xiamen, in China's Fujian Province June 16-22, it wasannounced Friday.

New mutually favorable measures, including simplified customs procedures for Taiwanese citizens to enter Fujian, will be madepublic during the forum, said Chen Ling, the deputy head ofFujian Taiwan Affairs Office.

A record number of some 200 Taiwanese attendees,including Hung Hsiu-chu, a deputy chairwoman of Taiwan's rulingKuomintang, New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming and People First Party Secretary-General Chin Chin-sheng, will take partin the annual forum and related events, Chen said.

The experimental development zone in Fujian PingtanIsland is one of the main topics at this year's forum, she noted.

Discussions surrounding logistics, capital flows, and manpower associated with the development zone will also be held, she added.

(By Chen Hung-chin and Kay Liu)