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The 'Eagles' in Taiwan for two weekend concerts

2011/02/25 19:07:41

Taipei, Feb. 25 (CNA) The Eagles quietly flew into Taiwan onThursday night, but the two concerts the legendary band will stagethis weekend in front of thousands of Taiwanese fans for the firsttime are sure to be anything but sedate.

For many Eagles fans, the arrival in Taiwan of the multi-Grammyaward winning band that rose to fame with hits such as "HotelCalifornia, " "Take It Easy," and "Desperado" is long overdue.

Here as part of its "Long Road Out of Eden" world tour, the bandwas originally scheduled to play just one show on Saturday. But dueto popular demand, a second concert on Sunday was added at the lastminute.

With the Eagles having "run out of places" to perform, thegroup's guitarist Joe Walsh said the chance to hold a concert inTaiwan for the first time was an exciting adventure, and he assuredfans that the band was ready to give them the time of their life.

The four members of the band -- Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Henley andTimothy Schmidt -- may now average 60 years of age but still play torave reviews, and they have been an inspiration to aspiring musiciansall over the world.

At a press conference Friday, they summed up the secret to theirsuccess with three simple words, "work, work, work."

"Work on your craft, " said drummer and singer Henley, whostressed the importance of "honing your skills and treating music asa serious business."

"You have to work on what you love. It is not just a hobby."

To Henley, too many of the so-called musicians today are merelycelebrities, performers and fashion icons whose talents lie infashion rather than music.

"We started in an era where music came first and that is theimportant thing."

Walsh also advised young wannabe musicians to get out there, getover their stage fright, and play in front of the people.

"You don't get good by just playing in your mother's garage. Youhave to get in front of the people, whether it is 10 or 20, or 10,000or 20,000 people," he said.

Calling "love" the other secret ingredient, bass player TimothySchmidt said the desire to play music must be based on an inner loveand a deep passion for music, not just outside approval. Musicians,he said, should play for themselves.

The passion and skill the band has brought to its music mayexplain why its songs have stood the test of time.

The band's signature hit, "Hotel California, " which won the 1977Grammy for Record of the Year, went platinum in 2009 with sales ofover 1 million digital downloads, and the group has been amazed overhow widely it has been played around the world -- and outside it.

Keyboardist Frey, who co-wrote the song with Henley, said "HotelCalifornia" literally went into outer space when the crew of the NASAspace shuttle mission STS-115 woke up to the song on their 2006 trip.

"I have encountered the song in remote jungles in Central Americaand remote places in Asia. We are so amazed and pleased by it, " saidFrey, who described the song that solidified the band's stardom asrelating the transformation from being "innocent" to "experienced."

Tickets for Sunday's show are still available, with the mostexpensive ticket priced at NT$12,000 (US$403).

(By Jenny W. Hsu)