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Taiwan grateful for U.S. commitment to Taiwan Relations Act

2011/01/20 10:05:53

Taipei, Jan. 20 (CNA) The Republic of China governmentappreciates U.S. President Barack Obama's reaffirmation of hisadministration's commitment to upholding the Taiwan Relations Act inits engagement with China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saidThursday.

Speaking at a White House joint press conference with visitingChinese President Hu Jintao, Obama said: "I reaffirmed our commitmentto a one-China policy based on the three U.S.-China communiques andthe Taiwan Relations Act."

Obama's statement signifies the U.S. security commitment toTaiwan, the ministry said in a statement.

His reassurance followed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary RodhamClinton's recent reaffirmation of U.S. commitment to the TaiwanRelations Act. All these moves indicate that the United States takesits promise to Taiwan seriously, the ministry said.

The U.S. government will send American Institute in TaiwanChairman Raymond Burghardt -- the top U.S. liaison officer with Taiwain the absence of official ties -- to Taipei in the coming days tobrief the ROC government on Hu's state visit to the U.S., theministry added.

In Wednesday's press conference, Obama also said he welcomed theprogress that has been made on both sides of the Taiwan Strait inreducing tensions and building economic ties.

"And we hope this progress continues, because it's in theinterest of both sides, the region and the United States, " Obamasaid.

(By Emmanuelle Tzeng and Sofia Wu)