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Taiwanese theater troupe hopes to inspire China's rural art performance

2012/07/17 20:33:40

Taipei, July 17 (CNA) The Paper Windmill Theatre, which will soon visit Beijing for the third time, hopes that its performances inspire the Chinese public and art groups to present more cultural shows to China's rural children, the head of the troupe said Tuesday.

The troupe will perform its trademark children's play "Windmill Fantasia" in Beijing from July 20-22, during an international children's theater festival in the city.

"We hope to inspire Chinese businesses and Chinese people who are financially capable of donating money to give children in the countryside a chance to see such performances," Lee Yung-feng, head of the Paper Windmill Arts Foundation, said at a press conference.

The five-part play will include different performances, such as one that blends street dances, indigenous dances and children's folk songs, and one that shows actors and actresses as moving sculptures.

It will also show dancers waving ribbons that glow in the dark and feature a play that combines puppets, live actors and multimedia images.

"Art can broaden children's perspectives and give them hope for a better life," said Lee.

He said he was looking forward to introducing to Chinese people his troupe's practice of performing in grassroots communities and remote townships for young children, with financial support from the private sector.

Under its "Project 319," the Paper Windmill Theatre performs in any district that can pay NT$350,000 (US$11,682) to cover the costs of performing and erecting a makeshift stage for each presentation.

The troupe started the project in 2006 and reached its goal of performing in all of Taiwan's 319 townships late last year.

The performances will be held at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing, the third time the troupe has performed at the venue.

(By Christie Chen)