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Chinese media delegation visits Central News Agency

2011/09/24 21:29:46

Taipei, Sept. 24 (CNA) Shao Ping-yun, vice-president of the Central News Agency, on Saturday received a Chinese media delegation whose members said they were impressed by the agency's development and improvement.

Shao told the Chinese delegation that since CNA's establishment in 1924, it has "recorded what we have been through for the past 87 years" and remains the leading news media in Taiwan, standing firm for nearly nine decades.

During the meeting, the agency showed the visitors a series of news videos produced by CNA correspondents.

CNA video news service has been running for a year and a half. CNA editor-in-chief Neil Lu said the agency's overseas correspondents have been one of its strong points.

Shao agreed, recalling some of the major news events that CNA correspondents have reported on over the years. The first story on Japan's formal surrender on the USS Missouri on Sept. 2, 1945 was filed by the CNA's Chen Po-sheng he said. Jay Chen's story on the Gulf War also led the media coverage worldwide, he said.

Zhou Xisheng, vice president of China's Xinhua News Agency and the leader of the 20-member delegation, said the visit to Taiwan's national news agency was much-anticipated.

"I've heard about CNA and read news stories from the agency for so many years but never had a chance to visit," Zhou said.

He said the group has learned a lot from the exchanges and there are many aspects in Taiwan that worth learning from and are worthy of attention.

Other members of the delegation included Wang Guoqing, vice minister of the Information Office of the State Council; Mi Bohua, deputy editor-in-chief of People's Daily, a newspaper in China that voices policies and viewpoints of the central government; and Zhang Ye, an official with the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

(By Chen Hung-chin and Jamie Wang)