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Taiwan completes first phase of nuclear safety review: AEC

2011/09/05 21:38:04

Taipei, Sept. 5 (CNA) Taiwan has completed the first phase of a comprehensive nuclear safety review, including checks on nuclear power plant safety, that was launched following Japan's nuclear disaster earlier this year, an Atomic Energy Council (AEC) official said Monday.

Lee Jo-chan, director of the AEC's Department of Radiation Protection, said the council has also strengthened its radiation protection capacity and contingency mechanism.

He was speaking at a two-day Taiwan-Japan Science and Technology Forum in Taipei, which was held to review the impact of the March 11 earthquake that devastated northeastern Japan and triggered a major nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Japanese opinion leaders, parliamentarians and representatives of academic institutes were invited to discuss the issue with officials from the AEC, the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, and the Digital Information Management Center of Acer.

Lee said that since the Fukushima nuclear accident, only small traces of radiation have been found on tourists arriving from Japan, or in imported Japanese food, imported containers, and ambient air.

"The incident has not caused nuclear safety worries," Lee said.

The Fukushima incident has provided a valuable experience to Taiwan, Lee said, while announcing that Taiwan had completed the first phase of an overall examination of its nuclear safety system.

In terms of nuclear power plant safety, the focus will be to guard against earthquakes and tsunamis and step up the preparation of water and electricity reserves.

The strengthening of the contingency mechanism will enhance Taiwan's capacity to detect the spread of radioactive substances and alert the public in real-time to evacuate in the right direction and to the right locations.

(By Wu Chia-yin and Lilian Wu)