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Are your children mistreated in school?

11/03 10:00

In Taiwan, corporal punishment has long been a part of the culture and used to be widespread in the education system. In 2007, the government banned teachers from hitting children. While physical punishment and verbal abuse of children have steadilydeclined since then, the practice still exists. A number of recent cases have reminded the public the problem remains serious. Earlier this year, following pressure from parents and the NGO Humanistic Education Foundation, the Ministry of Education passedan amendment which aims to make it easier for schools to fire teachers found to have used corporal punishment. Outside experts must now be brought onto panels which review alleged wrongdoing, so that teachers are not judged solely by other teachers. Despitethis law amendment, many people are not confident children are adequately protected. Joanna Feng, Executive Director of the Foundation, says much more needs to be done to ensure the ban on corporal punishment and the new law amendment are implemented.

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