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A glimpse of Taipei's history on World Book Day

2017/05/15 17:03:00

April 23 Sunday was World Book Day, annual event organized by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote reading and publishing.

The Ministry of Culture held a series of activities centered around reading from April 23 to May 7 around Taiwan.

Taipei used to have streets with bookstores and neighborhoods filled with used book stores.

A scene of Eastern Publishing Co. (東方出版社), which was founded in 1945, is seen in the 1970s. The site housed Niitakado (新高堂) bookstore, which was founded in 1898 during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945).

A street view of Chongqing (or Chungking) South Road, Section 1, in 1965.

When the Republic of China government moved its capital from Nanjing (Nanking) to Taipei after losing the Chinese civil war to the Chinese communists in 1949, many bookstores moved from Shanghai and Nanjing to Taipei.

People look around at a book fair held in the International House of Taipei, which was located in the northern part of what is now Daan Forest Park from 1957 to 1992.

A scene of used book stores in Guling Street in Taipei decades ago.

A scene of used book stores in Guling Street in Taipei in 2012.

Consumers shop for books in Taipei just before the promulgation of Taiwan's revised Copyright Act on June 12, 1994.

A used book store in Taipei.

People read books in a branch of Eslite Bookstore in Taipei.

(By Kuo Chung-han)