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Power transformer facelift part of Taipei's transformation

2016/05/12 19:34:00

WDC Taipei 2016 CEO Han Wu (left) and Beatrice Hsieh, head of the Taipei Cultural Affairs Department.

Some 133 of the 9,000-plus roadside power transformers in Taipei are being repainted as part of a World Design Capital (WDC) project in the Taiwan capital this year.

The power transformers along Songjiang Road have already been repainted and the work will extend to Fuxing North and South roads, Xinsheng South Road, Roosevelt Road and the area around the North Gate.

(CNA file photo)

The power transformers on Songjiang Road, which previously were either dark green or flowered, are now light gray in color, while the warning symbols are in orange.

On one of the top corners of the transformers, there are multicolored dots, a design feature that introduces a wider range of colors, which has been lacking in urban design in Taiwan, said Han Wu (吳漢中), CEO of WDC Taipei 2016.

In the next stage of the project, the power transformers on Fuxing North and South roads will be repainted mainly brown, to reflect the fact that the Brown Line (Wenhu Line) on the city’s metro system passes along there.

The repainting of the 133 power transformers will be completed by October, when a series of major events under the World Design Capital project will be held in Taipei.

(By Huang Li-yuan and Kay Liu)