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Natural beauty of South China Sea islets

2016/03/13 14:27:00

(CNA file photo)

Despite the attention brought by the recent territorial disputes in the South China Sea, the Dongsha Islands, also known as the Pratas Islands, showcase the natural beauty of the region with their diverse ecology.

(CNA file photo)

The islands include the main Dongsha Island, two islets and an atoll and have been designated as Dongsha Atoll National Park since 2007.

Hair-crested drongo. (Photo courtesy of the Construction and Planning Agency)

Located about 444 kilometers southwest of southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung and 340 km southeast of Hong Kong, Dongsha is a stop for migratory birds and 130 species have been spotted there.

(Photo courtesy of the Marine Naional Park Headquarters)

In addition, the coral reef in the waters surrounding the islands boasts a rich variety of marine life.

Carclisoma carnifex. (CNA file photo)

On land, 72 indigenous species of plants have been recorded, while the intertidal zone and the lagoon also increase the bio-diversity.

Spider lily. (CNA file photo)

(By Kay Liu)