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Cherry blossom viewing in Taipei's Neihu

2016/03/06 16:16:00

A local community in Taipei's Neihu District has transformed a park into a place where people can enjoy the spectacle of cherry trees in bloom from February to April.

In Lohas Park along the Neigou Stream, which is a 10-minute walk from the Donghu MRT station, local residents have been planting nine species of cherry trees in a project that started eight years ago.

Following the white cherry blossoms in February, visitors will be able to enjoy the sight of flowers of light pink and hot pink through April.

According to Tsai Li-mei (蔡麗美), chief of Donghu borough, the sight of blooming cherry trees, which started only a couple of years ago, is made possible by the constant care of volunteers in the community since the trees were planted.

While sunny weather provides visitors with the chance to capture the scenery in bright colors in photos, Tsai recommended a trip in the evening for people seeking to enjoy a quiet stroll.

(By Yu Kai-hsiang, Chen Wei-ting and Kay Liu)