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Phison teams up with Tsinghua Unigroup in memory chip development

2018/12/25 15:11:23

Taipei, Dec. 25 (CNA) Taiwan-based Phison Electronics Corp., the world's largest single-chip USB drive and memory chip maker, has partnered with Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd., a Chinese integrated circuit giant backed by Beijing, to develop storage technology.

In a statement, Phison said the company has established a strategic partnership with UNIC Memory Technology, a subsidiary of Unigroup, to cooperate on storage product design and production.

Phison Chairman Pua Khein-seng (潘健成) signed a cooperation agreement with Ma Daojie (馬道傑), chairman of UNIC Memory as well as vice president of Unigroup global operations, in Beijing on Monday.

Under the agreement, the two sides will launch efforts in production, marketing and services in memory chip development and build a global market supply chain.

Pua said Phison has been in the flash memory chip market for almost 20 years so the company recognizes that cooperation in memory chip development is the best foundation for market competitiveness.

Working with UNIC Memory and other IC is expected to help Phison develop one-stop production and services, Pua added.

Commenting on UNIC Memory, Pan said, the Chinese firm is a rising star in the memory device arena and is expected to play an important role in the global semiconductor industry.

Pua said he believes the partnership with UNIC Memory will create a new business model and a win-win situation for both companies, which will make them more influential on the global market.

Market analysts said UNIC Memory is scheduled to enter the NAND Flash market next year and the Chinese firm needs technical assistance from Phison in flash memory product development.

Analysts said due to applications in 5G, data centers and artificial intelligence, prices of NAND Flash could bounce back from the current downtrend next year, which would benefit Phison.

(By Chung Jung-feng and Frances Huang)