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Mercury expected to hit 37 degrees Saturday

2018/05/26 12:55:20

CNA file photo

Taipei, May 26 (CNA) Sunny skies are forecast around Taiwan this weekend, with temperatures expected to hit a high of 37 degrees Celsius on Saturday, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

CWB forecaster Chen Yi-hsiu (陳伊秀) said that daytime temperatures in western Taiwan on Saturday are expected to range between 35 and 36 degrees, and likely to rise further to 37 degrees in the greater Taipei area due to a lack of wind to disperse the heat.

In the east, temperatures are forecast to hover around 33-35 degrees, but could hit 37 degrees in the East Rift Valley, a long, narrow stretch of flat farmland between the Central Mountain Range to the west and the Coastal Mountain Range to the east, Chen said.

Temperatures in southeastern Taiwan could move even higher in the afternoon due to waves of warm, gusty wind blowing down the slopes of mountain ranges, affecting the southeastern county of Taitung, Chen said.

Chen advised the public to drink more water to stay hydrated and avoid getting heat stroke when staying outdoors on Saturday.

She also warned that many parts of Taiwan could be exposed to dangerously high levels of ultraviolet radiation around midday Saturday, urging people spending time outdoors to take precautions.

The warm weather is influenced by westerly winds, which is bringing heat to Taiwan, Chen said.

Despite the sunny weather, sporadic showers and even thundershowers are forecast in the mountainous areas around Taiwan, in particular in the afternoon, Chen said.

Such hot weather is expected to continue into Sunday with the mercury forecast to stay as high as Saturday's before the strength of westerly wind fades on Monday to bring down high temperatures slightly to 33-34 degrees, Chen said.

The weather forecaster said a weather front is expected to arrive in Taiwan next Tuesday, but its strength is unlikely to be strong enough to disperse all of the heat felt in the previous days, Chen added.

Daniel Wu (吳德榮), an independent meteorologist and adjunct professor at National Central University, said the upcoming weather front is expected to stay in northern Taiwan into next Thursday before moving southward on Friday and Saturday.

But Wu said the system is expected to create convective activity which could destabilize the weather conditions briefly.

(By Chen Wei-ting and Frances Huang)