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Taiwan recorded lowest population growth in 2017

2018/01/27 14:00:22

Taipei, Jan. 27 (CNA) Taiwan's population grew at its slowest pace in recorded history in 2017, rising only slightly to reach 23.571 million people, according to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) on Saturday.

Data from the MOI showed the number of people with household registration in Taiwan rose by 31,000 from the end of 2016 to the end of 2017, a 0.133 percent growth that was the lowest annual increase since the country began recording such statistics.

Taiwan's population growth, like that of most developed countries, has been on the decline, and the drop has been especially noticeable in recent years. It now has one of the lowest birth rates in the world.

Whereas the annual growth rate in 1951 was 4.168 percent, it dropped to 1.483 percent by 1984 and 0.133 percent in 2017.

The National Development Council (NDC) predicted that Taiwan's population will peak at 23.741 million in 2024, after which it will stop growing and instead begin to decline.

Previous studies from the NDC found that once Taiwan becomes a "super-aged" society by 2026, its population will fall drastically to between 17.07 million and 19.49 million by 2061.

In terms of where the population is concentrated, the majority (nearly 70 percent) of Taiwanese people reside in the six special municipalities, the MOI data showed,

New Taipei City remained Taiwan's most populous city with 3.98 million citizens registered as living in the city, followed by Taichung City at 2.78 million and Kaohsiung City at 2.77 million.

While Taoyuan City ranks fifth amongst the six special municipalities in the number of registered citizens at 2.18 million, it saw the biggest population growth last year with an increase of 1.857 percent.

Taipei City, with a population of 2.68 million, experienced a 0.462 percent decline in growth.

(By Liu Lee-jung and Kuan-lin Liu)