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Men likely to cheat or lie for sake of attracting sexy women: study

2018/01/18 23:08:23

Image taken from Pixabay

Taipei, Jan. 18 (CNA) The sight of sexy, attractive women can make a man more dishonest, according to a research paper by several Taiwanese scholars.

The joint study conducted by professors from Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) and National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), including NSYSU's Institute of Education professor Chiou Wen-bin (邱文彬), revealed that men with mating motivation tend to exhibit dishonesty and are more likely to cheat for the sake of enhancing mate attraction.

Titled "Sexy women can tempt men down the road of immorality: Exposure to sexy stimuli leads to increased dishonesty in men," the study has since been published in a number of international journals and magazines, including the United Kingdom's Daily Mail and Psychology Today, a bimonthly magazine published in the United States.

Attractive women make up for smart marketing approach and that's why you often see them paired up with cars and technology gadgets at trade shows, Chiou told CNA.

The study was conducted on about 100 men in their early 20s, who were split into two groups. One group viewed a series of sexualized pictures, while the other looked at non-sexual images of women.

All were required to undertake a test of self-control and a series of math questions, Chiou said, adding that each participant had been promised NT$120 for their time.

But at the end of the experiment, the participants instead received an envelope containing NT$170, which was NT$50 more than the promised payment, he added.

Those who had seen the sexy pictures of women were more likely to walk away with the extra cash, with only 54.1 percent honestly handing back the excess, compared to 78.4 percent of the other group, the professor explained.

Results from another experiment, which divided the men into three groups and asked them to answer timed math questions, also showed men from the group that were shown sexy pictures were more likely to cheat in the test than the groups that were shown non-sexy photos and no pictures at all.

Men who yearn for sexy women tend to engage in dishonest behavior as a tactic for displaying characteristics preferred by women. In other words, men may be more likely to cheat or lie for the sake of attracting sexy women, the study found.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Ko Lin)