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No matter where you are, museum has time of first sunrise in 2018

2017/11/17 21:42:24

Taipei, Nov. 17 (CNA) People who want to catch the first rays of the sun in 2018 without having to travel can now check when they will hit in their own neighborhoods with the help of the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

For the first time, the museum has compiled a list of when the first sunrise of the new year will occur within a tenth of a second in 944 spots across Taiwan, including Taipei 101, the Taichung Folklore Park, and Qingjing Farm in Nantou County.

"The variables of latitude, longitude and altitude were all taken into consideration to produce the list," museum researcher Chang Kuei-lan (張桂蘭) told CNA Friday.

According to Chang, one of the basic rules is that the sunrise will appear earlier the higher in altitude, though the time difference gradually narrows the higher one gets.

For each degree of latitude southward and every degree of latitude eastward, the sunrise will appear two minutes and four minutes earlier, respectively, she said.

The timing of the first sunrise next year will be one to two seconds earlier than in 2017 due to the ever-changing relative position between the sun and the earth, she said.

The earliest sunrise across Taiwan on New Year's Day in 2018 will take place at 3,331-meter Xinkang Mountain in Hualien at 6:28:06.2 a.m., according to the list.

Among low-lying areas, the first sunrise will occur over outlying Orchid Island at 6:32:28.9 a.m. The first rays of the sun will shine over Taiwan proper at Eluanbi, the island's southernmost point, at 6:35:13.8 a.m.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)