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Two fined NT$450,000 for abandoning dogs

2017/05/18 23:22:46

(CNA file photo)

Taipei, May 18 (CNA) A woman who cared for up to 50 dogs at a property in Shilin District, Taipei City and a friend have been fined NT$450,000 (US$14,895) for abandoning the animals in New Taipei, New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office said Thursday.

The office received reports on Tuesday that two people were seen abandoning 40-50 dogs in a mountainous area of Sanzhi (三芝) District, New Taipei having been transported there in a truck.

When officials arrived at the scene, they saw six abandoned cages left open from which the dogs had fled. They were able to recapture 15 and the search for the rest continues.

The office, working with police, reviewed surveillance video of the the road and were able to identify the woman surnamed Wu and her friend surnamed Chen, who was driving the vehicle. They were both fined NT$150,000 for abandoning the dogs. Wu was fined an additional NT$150,000 because the dogs had not received rabies shots.

The office said that Wu had looked after the dogs for seven or eight years, but due to complaints from neighbors about noise, she had tried to give the animals to Taipei City Government.

However, because she couldn't do so without paying NT$2,400 for each dog, including pet registration and rabies vaccination fees, she decided to transport the animals from Shilin District to New Taipei City and release them into the wild.

New Taipei City Government said this was the largest number of dogs ever abandoned at one time and it was determined to use the full force of the law in prosecuting Wu.

Since March 2015, New Taipei City Government has not put stray dogs to sleep, stressing zero tolerance of abandonment and the responsibility of the owners to create a pet-friendly city.

(By Lin Chang-hsun and Lilian Wu)