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Hualien sisters out to preserve family's chicken neutering legacy

2016/10/02 20:51:58

Taipei, Oct. 2 (CNA) Three sisters from Hualien have vowed to become the first women in Taiwan to neuter chickens for a living after tracing old techniques preserved by their 85-year-old grandfather and others, according to the Youth Development Administration (YDA).

The sisters from the Hsu family said they took a summer trip inspired by stories they heard from their grandfather when they were little about how he traveled by motorcycle around Hualien County to castrate chicken.

Thanks to the YDA's "Youth Travel in Taiwan" project, which encourages young people to discover different sides of Taiwan and funds their travel, the sisters visited four chicken neutering experts in Hsinchu, Miaoli and Pingtung counties.

One of the sisters, Hsu Yun-ju (徐筠茹), explained that neutered chickens are tamer and easier to raise on a farm, and their lack of testosterone results in the birds growing more meat and fat.

Because of that, neutered chickens can fetch prices up to double that of normal chickens, she said.

"'Youth Travel in Taiwan' gave us a good starting point to look into and understand our grandfather's career of neutering chickens," Hsu said.

Though the sisters found that people of all ages are involved in the profession, they did not meet any women doing the job, and Hsu, who recently graduated from university, said she hoped to become the first woman in Taiwan to take up the profession and carry on her grandfather's legacy.

"There are so many stories in our lives that we should record and write down. We want to preserve these videos, images and words so that our children will learn about the job their grandfather's grandfather did," Hsu said.

(By Hsu Chih-wei and Kay Liu)