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One in three Taiwanese men experience premature ejaculation: survey

2014/09/27 17:03:38

Taipei, Sept. 27 (CNA) One in three men in a local survey said they experience premature ejaculation (PE), experts said Friday, suggesting medical treatment and activities such as yoga as ways to help.

According to the survey by the Taiwanese Association of Andrology, some men as young as their twenties ejaculate within one-minute of penetration, while many forty-somethings expressed dissatisfaction over finishing within three minutes.

PE is detrimental to couples' happiness, according to William J. Huang, president of the association. Summarizing academic findings from Taiwan and abroad, he said women are 2.7 times more likely to have sexual dysfunction if their male partners experience PE.

Furthermore, 20 percent of women whose partners with PE may seek to avoid sex, while nearly one quarter refuse intimacy with their partner.

Huang said that while there is no set timeframe to define the condition, PE refers to ejaculation occurring before or soon after penetration.

PE can occur regardless of race and age and is hard to define, said Jiann Bang-ping, a doctor of urology at Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital.

Medicine can help treat the depression many men feel because of PE, Jiann said, but only 7.9 percent of men with the condition in Taiwan seek medical help.

The two experts also recommended activities like yoga for couples struggling with PE as a way to increase emotional understanding.

(By Chen Ching-fang and Kuo Chung-han)