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MND denies large amount of recycled oil was consumed by military

2014/09/05 23:02:26

Taipei, Sept. 5 (CNA) Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) on Friday dismissed reports that military personnel had consumed enormous amounts of recycled lard oil at the center of the latest food safety scandal.

"The reports are by no means true,"the ministry said in a statement.

The MND was responding to a report in a local newspaper, the United Evening News, which said the amount of the questionable oil consumed by the military is "hard to estimate."

The report was referring to the oil of Chang Guann Co., a Kaohsiung-based maker of lard, margarine and shortening, which has been found to have sold lard oil recycled from kitchen waste and by-products from leather processing plants.

The ministry said military supply stations have not bought the lard oil products of Chang Guann, and materials for the meals served to servicemen are mainly purchased from its supply stations, so there is no question of the amount being "hard to estimate."

But the MND has ordered the military to take some food items sold in the supply stations off the shelves, including several products of the Wei Chuan Foods Corp,

The ministry also said that for the health of the military personnel, it will keep a close tap on related information published by the health authorities and ask to remove products if there are safety concerns.

The questionable lard oil has made its way into many parts of Taiwan, and the Food and Drug Administration has identified more than 230 domestic food companies and restaurants as having used the questionable oil provided by Chang Guann Co.

Wei Chuan Foods Corp. has recalled 12 products, including its popular canned pork fiber and meat paste following the exposure of the bad oil Thursday.

(By Claudia Liu and Lilian Wu)