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Nuclear debate a chance to improve civil society: culture minister

2013/03/04 19:22:41

Taipei, March 4 (CNA) Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai on Monday called Taiwan's debate on the risks of nuclear power a good opportunity to improve the quality of the country's civil society.

"It is a golden opportunity. It is a test of the growth of our own civil society," Lung said at a press conference to share her work during a recent trip to France and Britain.

Lung, who was asked her opinion on the recent anti-nuclear actions by Taiwanese artists, said the nuclear-power discussions are a test of the ability of Taiwanese people to develop a sophisticated understanding of an issue with such a major stake in the country's future, and to debate it in a reasonable manner.

She said the phrase "anti-nuclear" implies an established stance. However, she added, the most important thing is not the stance taken on a subject, but whether there is a deep and thorough discussion on it.

Lung's remarks come at a time when civic groups in Taiwan continue their call to the government to scrap nuclear power, ahead of the second anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011 in Japan.

Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch repeated a vow Sunday to maintain the highest levels of safety standards for the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant, a week after the government said it was willing to accept a referendum on the controversial plant.

Anti-nuclear rallies are planned around the country on March 9 to call attention to the danger of nuclear power.

Several high-profile figures from Taiwan's entertainment and art sectors have voiced support for the anti-nuclear cause, including Lin Chih-ling, an actress and Taiwan's top model, Giddens Ko, a writer and director of the blockbuster film "You Are the Apple of My Eye," and Ella Chen from the musical girl-group S.H.E.

(By Christie Chen)