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Taiwan borrows wisdom from France's nuclear safety measures

2013/01/30 20:57:19

Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) The former chairman of France's independent agency on regulating nuclear safety said Wednesday that Taiwan is applying some of the safety measures France has launched since Japan's nuclear crisis of 2011.

Speaking at a forum in Taipei on nuclear safety, Andre-Claude Lacoste, who stepped down as Nuclear Safety Authority chairman last year, said France has been introducing a series of measures to raise nuclear power safety standards, such as more extensive assessments of nuclear facilities.

Through a close bilateral partnership, he said, Taiwan has applied two out of the 800 new safety requirements France has outlined in the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan.

The measures include the installation of an emergency cooling water supply and an additional electricity generator for each of Taiwan's nuclear reactors, Lacoste said.

"A continuous improvement process is necessary, in addition to periodic checks on nuclear facilities," Lacoste went on.

His visit comes amid increasingly heated debate in recent weeks on whether Taiwan's controversial fourth nuclear power should begin operating.

Lacoste also delivered a lecture at the forum, which was held at National Taiwan University, as well as meeting with local officials to discuss nuclear power issues. He was set to conclude his Taiwan visit the following day.

The Nuclear Safety Authority is a French independent administrative agency tasked with regulating nuclear safety and radiation protection to protect the public and the environment from the risks involved in nuclear activity.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)