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Nearly 80% of Chinese netizens hostile to wealthy: survey

2012/07/13 22:27:07

Hong Kong, July 13 (CNA) Nearly 80 percent of netizens in China have an aversion to the rich because they feel that most of theaffluent "don't deserve the fortunes they have amassed,"according to the results of a survey released Friday.

The survey, conducted earlier that day by, a China-based microblogging website, was centered around the theme of "do you hate the wealthy?" It received more than 5,000 responses injust four hours.

The respondents had a choice of three answers: They hate the wealthybecause most of them don't deserve the fortunes they have amassed; they don't hate the wealthy because a lot of them have fought hard for theirriches; or they are a bit hostile toward the rich, but wantnevertheless to be one of them.

Of the respondents, 4,133 (78.23 percent) said they hate the rich,587 (11.11 percent) said they don't and 563 (10.66 percent) said they feelonly mild hostility toward them.

Some netizens also posted their views on the issue, with many of them saying that while they are not against those who have justly earned their fortunes, they hate social injustice and hate even more the wealthy who cause social injustice.

One microblogger said that "over 80 percent of the wealthy in China have obtained their windfall profits through illegal competitive means ... In China, the rich are synonymous for corrupt officials, gangsters, rogues and mean people."

(By Stanley Cheung and Lilian Wu)