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Most illegal sex-enhancing drugs sold at adult shops: officials

2012/07/10 20:13:45

Taipei, July 10 (CNA) The Cabinet's Department of Consumer Protection said Tuesday that 27 of the 28 counterfeit and controlled sexual enhancement drugs known to be sold in Taiwan are offered at adult shops.

The agency and the Food and Drug Administration under the Department of Health (DOH) seized a total of 53 suspected illegal sex-enhancing drugs during recent raids of 106 sex shops, 106 market vendors and 91 pharmacies across the island between late April and mid-May.

Among the drugs seized, 25 were found to contain neither any illegal substances nor active ingredients, said Wang Te-ming, a consumer ombudsman.

Most of the 28 illegal unlicensed drugs were sexual enhancement sprays, two types were in pill and powder form, and a few were in the form of creams and oils, said Chang Chia-lin, an official at the department.

Currently, the only legal sex-enhancing drugs in Taiwan are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, all of which require a doctor's prescription, the government agency said.

The 28 illegal products seized contained mainly anesthetics such as Lidocaine, Benzocaine and Dibucaine, said Hung Ming-kun, an official of DOH.

Individuals who are knowingly involved in the supply, prescription, delivery, storage or display of counterfeit and controlled drugs risk imprisonment of up to seven years, plus a fine of up to NT$5 million, the officials warned.

In the event of death from the consumption of such drugs, the manufacturers and sellers can face prison sentences of over seven years to life, and in the case of serious health damage, the offenders can get between three and 12 years, the officials said.

(By Yang Shu-min and Maia Huang)