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Taiwanese media calls for setting up offices on each side of strait

2012/06/02 17:21:54

Tianjin, June 2 (CNA) Several Taiwanese media heads urged at a forum in China on Saturday that media outlets from Taiwan and China be allowed to open offices in each other's territory and station reporters there for extended periods.

The media figures, including Central News Agency Chairman Chen Kuo-hsiang and Want Daily President Huang Ching-lung, also pushed for the further opening of cross-strait media markets to encourage better mutual understanding between the two sides.

Chinese speakers at the forum in Tianjin seemed sympathetic to the request.

Fan Liqing, the spokeswoman of the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) under China's State Council, said her office hoped to promote the idea because the current practice of constantly rotating reporters (usually for three months at a time) is not favorable for in-depth reporting and long-term observation.

This is why journalists from both sides of the Taiwan Strait are urging media to set up offices and station journalists for long periods in either side of the strait, Fan said.

"The Taiwan Affairs Office has made efforts in this regard, and we're hoping that we can make strides forward," Fan said.

Huang noted that currently both sides of the Taiwan Strait still cannot see TV programs or newspapers from the other side, and "this has been unfavorable to cross-strait media exchanges."

Chen said that under current policy it might not be practical to ask that Taiwanese news media be published in China and suggested that a more feasible approach would be to have Taiwanese and Chinese outlets jointly run media operations, starting with e-media.

With the two sides co-funding and co-managing the media, Chen said this will enhance bilateral understanding, build up mutual recognition and be conducive to peaceful development on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

(By Tsai Su-jung and Lilian Wu)