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Taiwanese military medal allegedly stolen by retired Chinese soldier

2012/05/13 21:21:21

Taipei, May 13 (CNA) A retired Chinese soldier has been identified as the main suspect in the theft of a valuable military medal that was on display at a historic building in outlying Kinmen County, a China-based media outlet reported Sunday.

Qiao Zhaoqing, a 77-year-old retired Chinese soldier is the man suspected of stealing the medal of honor belonging to the late Hu Lien, commander-in-chief of the Kinmen Defense Command, according to a report by Phoenix New Media.

The report said Qiao became a tank commander at the age of 16, and his tank took out four U.S. tanks during China's intervention in the Korean War in 1950.

Police in China have yet to confirm, however, whether Qiao was indeed the person who allegedly stole the medal.

The stolen piece was recovered by Beijing police on a train traveling from Xiamen to Harbin on May 8 after the medal was first reported stolen on May 4.

Chinese police arrested a suspect, surnamed Qiao, who was found to have the medal with him on the train, according to Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau.

(By Rita Cheng and Ann Chen)