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Military drill held in Kinmen following Han Kuang exercise

2018/06/10 18:17:43

Taipei, June 10 (CNA) The Kinmen Defense Command held a military drill Sunday to test the amphibious warfare capabilities of special forces troops and operations across multiple-position areas for the artillery regiment.

During the exercise, several scenarios were simulated by the underwater operations unit of the amphibious reconnaissance team, including close contact with the enemy, a series of assaults mounted against the enemy, and evacuations amid an exchange of gunfire, according to the ROC Army Aviation and Special Forces Command (AASFC).

The purpose of the simulations was to strengthen the key competence of the elite commandos in terms of infiltration tactics involving special forces troops advancing into enemy lines, operational training for command, and ordnance explosion, said Capt. Chu Cheng-nan (朱程楠) of the AASFC's Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion.

The exercise also featured defensive operations in combat training by simulating a scenario in which artillerymen were ordered to have four 3.5-ton heavy-duty trucks towing four 105mm howitzers installed in a designated area assigned by a commander and to have them operational within a specified time.

According to a military officer, the operation was completed in 19 minutes, two minutes ahead of the passing score of 21 minutes.

The drill followed the annual Han Kuang live-fire military drills from June 4-8 that focused on joint anti-airborne operations at Ching Chuan Kang air base in Taichung.

(By You Kai-hsiang and Shih Hsiu-chuan)