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GOLDEN HORSE:'Shadow' comes on strong for major awards

2018/11/14 17:49:15

Chinese director Zhang Yimou (張藝謀) / CNA file photo

Taipei, Nov. 14 (CNA) The historical film "Shadow," directed by Chinese director Zhang Yimou (張藝謀), is set to become the favorite at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, having been nominated for 12 awards.

The film, set in China's Three Kingdoms era and about a double, or "shadow" general trying to wrest control of his destiny, has been nominated for awards including "Best Feature Film," "Best Director," "Best Leading Actress" and "Best Leading Actor."

Unlike Zhang's previous movies, which are known for their bold colors, "Shadow" simulates the Chinese ink wash painting techinque, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

Another highlight of the movie is that the leading actress and actor, Sun Li (孫儷) and Deng Chao (鄧超), are a married couple in real life.

Deng, who plays two characters in the movie -- the general and his stand-in -- is especially eye-catching, as he has to interpret two lookalikes with different personalities.

Other nominations for the awards cover various topics, with some of them touching upon social issues.

"Dear Ex," a story of gay romance, starts with a woman finding that her deceased husband left all his assets to an unknown man instead of her and their only son.

The only nominated film from Taiwan, "Dear Ex" reflects on serious social issues in the format of a farce.

"Dying to Survive" is about a poor man whose life is changed when he becomes an exclusive agent of pirated drugs, but later learns that he is in great danger following his exorbitant profits.

The film, an adaption of a true story, boldly touches on the controversial medical system in China and looks into corruption in the global pharmaceutical industry. It has rocked the box office in China.

"Long Day's Journey Into Night" is concerned with a man trying to find his friend and lover in the past.

The movie's plotlines jump between past and present, and the director masterfully applies long takes and music pieces.

"An Elephant Sitting Still" tells the story of four desperate people -- a runaway teenager, a girl involved in a campus scandal, an old man troubled by family issues, and a bully who feels guilty about a friend's suicide.

There is much sorrow, anger and question of death throughout the movie. The director of the film, Hu Bo (胡波), committed suicide last year at the age of 29.

The award ceremony will be held Nov. 17 at the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)