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HTC could take share from Samsung in China: analyst

2013/05/14 16:07:30

Taipei, May 14 (CNA) Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp. is likely to improve its share in China with the latest version of its flagship smartphone, the HTC One, and could offer stiffer competition to market leader Samsung, a local analyst said Tuesday.

"On the whole, the level of enthusiasm for the new HTC flagship device turned out to be a lot higher than anticipated," Wilson Miao, an analyst at global market research firm TrendForce, told CNA.

Unlike its standard HTC One model sold in other countries, HTC launched the product in China on April 24 with variations tailored to China's market, including a removable back cover, dual-SIM ports and a micro-SD card slot for extra storage expansion.

Citing a survey conducted by TrendForce's Avanti in late April, Miao said 45.1 percent of Chinese consumers surveyed expressed a willingness to buy the new HTC One, similar to the response to Galaxy S4 when it was launched by Samsung Electronics Co. in April.

In addition, the survey found that 51 percent of Samsung users in China wanted to buy the new HTC One, much higher than the 41.6 percent of iPhone users who wanted to do so.

Miao said the higher potential cross-over from Samsung to HTC devices was because the two company's smartphones are powered by Android, making a transition between brands relatively easy for consumers.

The new phone is also drawing more brand loyalty among HTC users than the introduction of the Galaxy S4 generated among Samsung users, Miao said.

Nearly 65 percent of HTC users hope to purchase the new HTC One, compared with only 58.4 percent of Samsung users who wanted to purchase the Galaxy S4, according to a previous survey done by the company.

The more recent survey on HTC was based on 3,000 valid samples and had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

(By James Lee)