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President urges Taiwan to be competitive in green industry

2010/05/22 16:12

Taipei, May 22 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou on Saturday urgedcompanies to go green and become competitive in the increasinglyimportant renewable energy industry, while pledging to help thegovernment catch up with the private-sector's pace to "jointly fosterTaiwan's green competitiveness."

"Environmental protection is not simply a moral issue, it is alsoa business opportunity, " Ma said in his latest online weeklyjournal.

"A country's green competitive edge will decide its position onthe world stage 10 or 15 years later, " Ma said, stressing that "noindividual or enterprise can afford to ignore the effects of climatechange taking place around us."

In the online journal, Ma also had an online chat with DeltaElectronics Founder and Chairman Bruce Cheng about the issue of howto create business opportunities for Taiwan using its advantages inthe information industry.

Taking Delta Electronics as an example, Ma said the company canhelp save several times the electricity produced by the Linkou powerplant near Taipei each year as long as it can cut back 5 percent inits power consumption.

The president also hailed the company as Taiwan's mostrepresentative business group as it has successfully evolved from anIT company to an energy technology-oriented one.

"Its transformation not only has provided a new developmentdirection for Taiwan's IT industry, but has also given a boost to thelocal green technology sector, which will be Taiwan's most importantindustry in the coming two decades," Ma said.

According to Cheng, how much Taiwan's companies invest in greenpower technology will determine their position in the global marketover the next 15 years.

Pointing out that his company had made "saving energy" its topmanagement goal many years ago, Cheng said: "I fully realize thatenergy-efficient products are more competitive, which has allowed usto enjoy a greater market share."

"Looking around the world, it is clear that Taiwan stands a goodchance at making its soft power part of our day-to-day lives thanksto its green competitiveness," Ma said.

Delta is the world's largest manufacturer of power adaptors. Italso provides power management solutions, components, visualdisplays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewableenergy solutions.

Cheng now devotes much of his time to promoting his company'senergy-saving technology. Delta also boasts Taiwan's first greenoffice.

(By S. H. Lee and Flor Wang)enditem/cs