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GOLDEN HORSE: Foley artist Hu Ding-yi recognized

2017/11/25 22:44:57

Hu Ding-yi (胡定一)

Taipei, Nov. 25 (CNA) Foley artist Hu Ding-yi (胡定一) was the recipient of this year's outstanding Taiwanese filmmaker award at the 54th Golden Horse Awards on Saturday.

Hu, or "Master Hu" for those who know him, is widely regarded as the most experienced Foley artist in the Taiwanese film industry.

For Hu, the job of being a Foley artist, who reproduces everyday sound effects that are added to films, is "more than just matching sound to picture...It is adding another layer of depth to the film," he said when accepting the award.

In his more than 40 years in the industry, he has perfected the art of making sounds with props to resemble the sound of bones cracking, swords wielding, and other special effects sounds needed to animate a film.

It was his many years of experience and the unique contributions he has made to the world of sound effects and dubbing that made him the choice recipient for the award this year, Wen Tien-hsiang, (聞天祥), executive director of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, said of the decision.

Hu thanked everyone he has worked with and his family for allowing him to do what he loves.

The veteran Foley artist has participated in the Foley process in over 100 films and shorts, one of which, "Who Killed Cock Robin," was actually nominated for three best sound effects awards at the Golden Horse Awards this year.

This award was Hu's first Golden Horse win, though he had been nominated four times in previous years -- three for best sound recording and one for best sound effects.

Hu came to the world of sound by accident after he enrolled in the Central Motion Picture Corporation's training program.

In previous interviews, Hu said he originally wanted to study film in college, but after failing twice to gain admission to a university film program, he joined the Central Motion Picture Corporation's training program in 1975 and took up dubbing and other sound-related tasks.

He gave a special shout out to the corporation, whose training program introduced him to the world of being a Foley artist.

Hu was the focus of the 2016 documentary "Foley Artist," which shined a spotlight on what Foley artists and sound technicians do to create the sounds needed to fill otherwise empty movies.

The documentary underscored the unique contribution Hu and other Foley artists make, even if their role is very much behind the scenes.

(By Kuan-lin Liu)