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Most Taiwanese against China's opening of new aviation routes: poll

2018/01/22 12:52:54

Taipei, Jan. 22 (CNA) Nearly 75 percent of Taiwan's public disapproves of Beijing's unilateral launch of new commercial flight routes in the Taiwan Strait, while about 86 percent support Taipei's demand for cross-strait negotiations over related aviation safety concerns, a poll showed Monday.

On the question on whether China's move was a provocative act aimed at disturbing regional peace and upsetting the cross-strait status quo, 64.3 percent of the public said yes, while 30.6 percent thought it was not, according to the survey by the Cross-Strait Policy Association.

It found that 74.2 percent of the Taiwan public was opposed to China's recent launch of a northbound aviation route on the M503 corridor and the extension of three east-west routes without any consultation with Taiwan, while 17.6 percent supported the move.

Taiwan's government has repeatedly called for cross-strait negotiations on aviation issues related to new routes in the Taiwan Strait and has expressed concerns over aviation safety and national security following China's unilateral decision earlier this month to open the new routes.

In response to China's actions, Taiwan has withheld approval for two China-based airlines -- China Eastern and Xiamen Air -- to operate extra cross-strait flights during the Lunar New Year period.

The poll showed 63.4 percent public support for Taiwan's decision regarding the two airlines, and 31.8 percent disapproval.

Meanwhile, 85.7 percent of the Taiwanese public agrees with the government's request for cross-strait negotiations on relevant aviation safety issues, while 9.8 percent disagree, according to the poll.

(By Shih Hsiu-chuan)