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Chinese boat detained for poaching in Kinmen waters

2013/12/27 18:17:35

On the northwestern coat of Lieyu, with Xiamen visible on the other side of the water. (CNA file photo)

Taipei, Dec. 27 (CNA) A Chinese fishing boat was detained Thursday night for allegedly poaching in waters off of Taiwan-controlled Kinmen County, the latest in a series of reports of Chinese fisherman encroaching into Taiwanese waters.

Coast Guard officials in Kinmen said Friday that the detained boat, registered in nearby Chinese city of Xiamen, was one of a group of vessels discovered in waters between Kinmen Island and the smaller islet of Lieyu.

Three Chinese fishermen, along with their boat, Minxiayu 5176, were taken back to Lieyu and had their fishing equipment confiscated, officials said.

Coast guardsmen said they have stepped up patrols after receiving tips as recently as Wednesday that Taiwanese fishermen have been attacked by trespassing Chinese vessels.

Fisherman have said that Chinese poachers, who come to the area to catch yellow-colored varieties of fish now in season, intentionally rammed Taiwanese ships and threw rocks, according to local media reports.

In addition to increased patrolling, the Coast Guard said it will ask Chinese authorities to help prevent such situations through existing communication channels.

Governed by Taiwan, the Kinmen island chain is located just kilometers off of China's coast.

(By Chen Shou-gow and Kay Liu)