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Lin helps Rockets beat Knicks 131-103

2012/11/24 18:03:39

Taipei, Nov. 24 (CNA) The Houston Rockets scored a season-high total to down Jeremy Lin's old team 131-103 in a highly anticipated matchup in Texas on Friday.

Lin, who was not able to make any three pointers in the last five games, made a three-point jump shot in the third quarter. He shot 6-12 from the field and contributed 13 points, three assists and seven rebounds.

In the summer, the New York Knicks decided not to match the US$25 million deal that the Rockets offered the Harvard graduate, a decision that meant there would be no more Linsanity craze in the Big Apple this season.

However, the 24-year-old, who made history with 136 points in his first five NBA starts with the Knicks, has fallen into a slump this season. Nevertheless, he remains satisfied with his role at the Rockets.

"I'm not looking to recreate what happened in New York," Lin was quoted as saying by AP.

"I want to be a consistent player. I want to get better. I don't know what my potential is. I don't know if I can play any better than I did during that stretch, but I'm going to find out to see how close I can get," he said.

The report also noted that Lin is "at peace" with the Knicks' decision to let him go.

In Friday's game, in spite of Carmelo Anthony's season-high 37 points, the Knicks' poor defense allowed the Rockets to hit 51.7 percent from the field and have a three-pointer success rate of 56 percent.

The 6-7 Rockets, on the other hand, notched up the victory through a team effort, with six players contributing double-digit scores.

James Harden had 33 points and made 16 of 16 at the free throw line. Chandler Parsons added a career-high 31 points on a 13-of-17 shooting, while Omer Asik recorded 18 points and 14 assists.

Lin will have a chance to play for the New York fans again at the Madison Square Garden as the Knicks will host the Rockets on Dec. 17.

(By Lee Yu-cheng and Nell Shen)