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Orchid Island free of radioactive contamination: AEC

2012/11/11 22:42:53

Taipei, Nov. 11 (CNA) The scenic Orchid Island, home to aboriginal Tao people, is free of radioactive contamination, the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) announced Sunday.

There were no unusual levels of radiation detected at various spots subject to the survey, the Cabinet-level council said in a statement after a team of experts completed a comprehensive inspection over the past two days.

The Nov. 10-11 survey was conducted in response to a report released by three Japanese academics in September that said an unusual level of radiation was detected on the Orchid Island and that the nuclear waste storage facility on the island off the southeastern Taiwan coast might be leaking.

The AEC said the latest survey covered "micro spots" where Japanese scholars detected unusual levels of radiation during the September inspection, including Taiwan Power Co.'s low-radioactive waste storage facility on the island.

The radiation readings at all locations surveyed ranged between 0.015 and 0.07 microsieverts per hour, well below the average normal background radiation of 0.2 mSv/h for most cities in the world, the AEC statement said.

The team comprised of AEC officials, two Japanese professors and experts from the non-profit Nuclear Information Center and Academia Sinica--Taiwan's highest academic body.

(By Lin Meng-ju and Sofia Wu)