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43 percent of high schoolers consume sugary drinks every day: poll

2012/08/01 14:42:37

Taipei, Aug. 1 (CNA) About 43 percent of Taiwanese high school students drink sugary high calorie beverages every day, according to the results of a survey released Wednesday by the Bureau of Health Promotion.

The percentage has grown 8.8 percent compared to survey results released in 2009, Chen Yan-fang, an official with the bureau, said at a press conference held to promote drinking water and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

A similar trend can be found among junior high school students, 25 percent of whom are also in the habit of consuming sugar-laden drinks, she added.

“The results show that, overall, the habit of consuming sugary drinks is more common among male high school students,” Chen said, explaining that girls during puberty are often more conscious about their weight.

“This is alarming, because these drinks can make you fat without you knowing,” she said. A cup of milk bubble tea, for example, contains 440-550 calories and one can easily gain 3.4-4.3 kg if one drinks it every day for two months, she said.

“You would need to cycle for three hours or jog for one hour continuously if you want to shed those calories,” she added.

Demonstrating how to make healthier drinks and ice products at home with a simple food processor, Chen suggested that mothers should substitute sugar, syrup and condensed milk with fresh fruit.

Water, however, is the healthiest and most economic choice for those who want to quench their thirst, she said.

(By Nancy Liu)