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54% of Taiwanese professionals work during vacation: poll

2012/06/21 18:10:35

Taipei, June 21 (CNA) Up to 54 percent of Taiwanese professionals are unable to banish work while they are on holiday, according to a global survey released Thursday.

These workers manage to fit one to three hours of work into each day of their vacation, rather than spend time relaxing with their family and friends, the latest Regus survey showed.

Over 60 percent of that group usually work on their mobile phones or computers while on vacation but do less than on an ordinary workday, said Regus, a Luxembourg-headquartered company that is the world's largest supplier of workplace solutions.

Around the world, 48 percent of professionals work one to three hours per day while on vacation, the poll found.

In the United States, 58 percent of employees work up to three hours while on holiday, according to the survey. In Greece, the figure is 74 percent, it showed.

In South Korea, 61 percent of professionals work one to three hours during their vacation, compared with 56 percent in Hong Kong and 53 percent in Singapore, the survey found.

Commenting on the survey of more than 16,000 people in 80-plus countries, a Regus official said developments in technology allow workers to stay connected to their jobs and they tend to check their email and carry out follow-up tasks.

With smartphones and Internet connections everywhere, "it has become very difficult to really switch off, but taking a break and devoting time to rest, family and friends is vital to remain healthy," the official said.

The official also suggested that businesses figure out ways to increase efficiency and keep their staff from carrying over work into their personal life.

Such a solution is essential to ensure that their "staff remains happy, healthy and productive," the company said.

(By Elaine Hou)