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CEC formally declares Ma, Wu as ROC's 13th president, vice president

2012/01/19 18:02:43

Taipei, Jan. 19 (CNA) The Central Election Commission (CEC) officially declared Ma Ying-jeou and Wu Den-yih as the Republic of China's 13th president and vice president, respectively, in a notice published Thursday.

CEC Chairwoman Chang Po-ya said she will deliver certificates of election to the Presidential Office and Cabinet on Friday, in the wake of the Jan. 14 elections.

Certificates for the elected legislators will also be delivered to the headquarters of the Kuomintang (KMT), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), and People First Party (PFP) the same day, she said.

Meanwhile, the CEC said the Kuomintang presidential team is entitled to campaign subsidies of more than NT$200 million (US$6.68 million) based on the number of votes they received in the election.

Under the President and Vice President Election and Recall Act, if a ticket garners more than 33 percent of the votes needed to win, it is eligible to a CEC subsidy of NT$30 per vote. However, the total amount cannot exceed the highest election expense reported by rival candidates, the act states.

With Ma's 6,891,139 votes in the election, the KMT ticket will be entitled to a subsidy of NT$206,734,170, the CEC said.

The DPP ticket will be eligible to receive NT$182,807,340 based on Tsai Ing-wen's 6,093,578 votes in the election, the CEC added.

Both amounts are below the highest election expense of NT$424,634,000 reported by the candidates, according to CEC figures.

The subsidies must be claimed within three months of being released, the CEC said.

In addition, Ma and Tsai will recover their deposits of NT$15 million since they both gained more than 5 percent of the total votes cast, according to the CEC.

However, James Soong of the PFP did not meet the vote threshold for getting back his deposit, the CEC added.

(By Tsai Su-ping and Ann Chen)
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