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Chinese business executive compares Taiwan to graceful lady

2011/06/10 23:22

Taipei, June 10 (CNA) The chairman of Beijing Vantone Real EstateCo. compared Taiwan to a "graceful lady" on Friday when talking abouthis impressions of the country during his company's press conferencein Taipei.

"Taiwan is like a well-educated lady who doesn't wear lipstick, "said chairman Feng Lun. "It (Taiwan) is modest, ladylike andelegant."

Feng, who has visited Taiwan almost 30 times, said that duringhis first visit in 1996, he had to enter the country through thecargo passage instead of the passenger terminal because mainlandChina and Taiwan did not recognize each others' passports at thattime. He joked that he had entered Taiwan as "cargo" during thatvisit.

He said that Taiwan is a law-abiding place where people have thefreedom to mobilize and the sensibility to disband a demonstration,which he said may not be the case in every country.

Taiwanese people take to the streets, but they also obey the law,Feng said.

He also compared government and citizen powers in mainland Chinaand Taiwan and described Taiwan as a place where government officials"have difficulty enjoying themselves" while citizens "are able tolive happy lives."

Feng said that since the Taiwanese government has little power,and its people have more power, Taiwan's urban construction is lessefficient and its streets are less beautiful than on the mainland.

However, he said, the concentration of power in the public sectorin the mainland can also lead to negative incidents such as theforceful removal of people from their homes.

Finally, Feng said he spent nine days cycling 1,100km aroundTaiwan in 2009.

"I took a good look at this lady, from head to toe, " he said,adding that he came to the conclusion that Taiwan is a "good neighborto whom one can turn for help."

Feng made his remarks at a press conference announcing hiscompany's plan to jointly invest in a holiday apartment complex inTaipei.

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