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Digital textbooks enhance interaction

2010/09/29 23:22:57

Taipei, Sept. 29 (CNA) Future digital textbooks featuringmultimedia and social website connections on devices including iPador smart phones will help enhance interaction between students andteachers, and keep students updated of new developments, a visitingCanadian entrepreneur said Wednesday.

Yuri Khramov, president of Evident Point Software Corp., said that teachers can send updated content to students through digital textbooks on computers. His company has forged partnership with the world's largest e-paper maker Prime View International Co. and other Taiwanese firms in the field.

"Take politics for example, new things happen every day," he saidduring a press meet in Taipei.

By using Active Textbook, a software developed by his company,teachers will be able to update the content of a textbook to informstudents of who has won an election or who hasn't right away, evenwhen students are at home, he added.

The interaction between teachers and students will also be betterwhen this type of products combine with social websites, such asFacebook and Twitter, Khramov said.

Khramov said that his company's software is now only available oncomputers, but the company plans to put it on tablet computers andsmartphones in the future.

Evident Point is targeting high school and university students,not children, as Khramov explained that learning for children shouldbe game-based, not book-based.

The market of digital learning in the United States alone isworth US$40 billion a year, according to Khramov.

He added that the digital learning market is still in itsinfancy. (By Alex Jiang) ENDITEM