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Four stations to be added to Taiwan high speed rail

2010/04/26 22:34:10

Taipei, April 26 (CNA) The Council for Economic Planning andDevelopment (CEPD) passed a construction proposal to add fourstations to the Taiwan high speed rail system by 2015 to increasepassengers by about 5 percent, a CEPD official said Monday.

Under the plan, Nangang Station in Taipei City is scheduled to becompleted in October 2012, and Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin stationsare scheduled for June 2015, the official said.

In January 2010, the daily number of passengers using the railsystem averaged 93,000, with an average seat use rate of about 46percent. After the additional stations are completed, the passengerload is estimated to increase by 5 percent, the official added.

The project would cost NT$52 million (US$1.65 million) forconstruction of Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin stations andrelated facilities, NT$191 million for compensation for requisitionof land and resettlement for residents of demolished houses, andNT$289 million for construction supervision and management. TheTaiwan High Speed Rail Corp. will provide NT$7.5 billion for theproject, according to the official.

He also said that in 2002 the Executive Yuan approved plans totransform the Nangang preparatory station into an auxiliary operationstation to ease traffic jams, adding that an additional NT$1.70billion has been earmarked for construction of the station.

(By Cheng Yun-hsuan and Y.L. Kao)