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Taiwan marks Earth Day with pledge to build low-carbon society

2010/04/22 18:14:59

Taipei, April 22 (CNA) Premier Wu Den-yih announced the launch ofa low-carbon homeland program Thursday as part of activities to markthe 40th anniversary of World Earth Day.

"The program, under which two low-carbon model communities ineach city and county around the country will be built by 2011,epitomizes our determination to march toward a low-carbon society, "Wu said at the launching ceremony held by the Cabinet-levelEnvironmental Protection Administration (EPA).

Highlights of the program also include developing six low-carboncities by 2014 and completing four low-carbon living areas innorthern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan by 2020, Wu said.

"The Earth we live on requires protection from each of us... Ihope each government agency, school and private corporation willfulfill its obligation as a member of the global village bycontributing to global environmental protection," the premier added.

Since World Earth Day was launched on April 22, 1970 to raisepublic awareness of the importance of environmental protection, Wunoted, the pursuit of a healthy and sustainable living environmenthas never ceased.

Countries around the world are now working on measures to reducecarbon emissions, in accordance with the resolutions reached at theUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in order tomitigate the impact of global warming on living creatures on theEarth.

In the face of this global trend, Wu said, the local populationshould step up its environmental protection efforts.

In response to the Earthday Network's A Billion Acts of Greencampaign, the EPA has launched a series of green programs aimed aturging local people to conserve water resources, reduce carbonemissions and practice recycling, wildlife conservation,environmental cleanup and sustainable development of the land.

"We hope business groups and individual citizens willjoin forces with the government in carrying out these programs,"the premier urged.

He also pointed out that the government's energy conservationcampaign has generated encouraging results, saving 7 billion kilwatthours of electricity last year and over the past few months, a volumeof water equivalent to Taipei City's total consumption for 29 days.

(By Lee Hsien-feng and Sofia Wu)